Chris has come off the road (for now) and in the last several years has been holed up in the studio, concentrating exclusively on writing and producing, everything from Country to Neo-Soul.

Andy Waldeck (Daughtry/ Sony ATV) has remained a close friend and frequent song writing partner ever since the Earth To Andy days and in February of ’13 they flew to Nashville to work with American Idol winner, David Cook. David was looking for reinvention– he came to the right place. The trio composed 4 stellar new songs together but one track quickly stood out from the pack: “Laying Me Low”. It immediately started turning heads at record labels, publishing houses and management.

Consequently, David chose to release the song as his new single with Chris garnering both producing and co-writing credits. Again Chris teamed up with Lord-Alge to sort out the mix, only this time it was brother Tom. As mix engineers go, the brothers Lord-Alge are without peer. As one of Idol’s former winners (elite company to be sure), David was asked to return to the show and perform near the close of season 12. What better way to kick off the release of “Laying Me Low”?